Running behind life

Once there was a time when I used to be a not so good student means I was not obedient, not sincere and also not serious about my studies. I was a fellow dumb student. When the teacher asks me questions in the class I used to stare at the ceiling and wish that the answers should drop from the ceiling and catch it and through it towards the face of the teacher whose eyeballs are stuck on me and about to eat me if I utter something wrong. But that didn’t happen and what I always got is punishment. I remember a day when me and my friends had not done the homework and we got 50-100 sit ups as punishment. We got our muscles cramped.

I always think that life is not serious about me. But life is all about karma you get in return what you have done. I was playing with my life and so life was. I had no idea what was happening with me as I was not so mature that time. Life was full of fun, entertainment, adventures and it was because of my gems my friends whom I love the most. Ten years passed and then I encountered the board exams. As I was a dumb fellow I had not prepared well for it, and when the results arrived I was dishearten.  My grades were not so good. The fun, enjoyment seems fake, valueless. Life shows his devilish look. Life pulls my bed of roses and I fell in the thrones. 

Life is a race we run we fall we get wounds but the main thing that one should learn is to stand up and run again. When I reached 11th standard I got to know the value of life. When we are in school we enjoy everything but we ignore that study is also an important factor of our life. We don’t see seriously and get dishearten when we didn’t get good grades. Study is not about memorizing the whole book or get good marks but it’s also about the knowledge we get, the lessons we learned. Life is very complicated for me as I’m a confused person I can’t take the exact decisions. I always make mistakes and my friends call me immature but through mistakes I have learned many things. Gulping the whole book will not make you successful, to achieve success you have to learn from your mistakes. 

Sometimes being selfish is not a crime. Always focus on what you want from your life. See big dreams and try the best to live your dreams. There is a little bit of suffocation in my life I want to go somewhere where the suffocation will end and I’ll be taking breath in fresh air, this is my dream. You are not born to live the same life for seventy years set a goal and do something different. Search the meaning of life. Do what your heart says after all it’s your life your choice. 

“Sapne to sab dekhte hai, magar hum sapno ko jeene aye hai”.


Author: The02FacedWriter

I'm a writer and I express my emotions and feelings through words.

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