Tere Naam

Ankhon par saja,

wo khwab tumhara hai,

lab pe ruka,

wo naam tumhara,

Aane se tere zindagi saji hai aise, bikher deta hai chand apni chandni ko kali raton me jaise,

Chahat thi mutthi bhar sitaro ki, tune ye asman mere hathon me rakh diya,

Tujhe mohabbat ho mujhse ya nahi, par maine ye dil tere naam kar diya,

Saanso ki mala me piroya,

wo ahsas tumhara hai,

gehrai me jiski dub rahi hu,

wo sagar tumhara hai,

Fariste bankar to log aate hi hai, par maine tujhe apna khuda maan liya,

Zindagi dene ki batein to sab karte hain, par maine apni ruh tere naam kar diya,

Chahat me teri khud ko luta diya.


Author: The02FacedWriter

I'm a writer and I express my emotions and feelings through words.

4 thoughts on “Tere Naam”

  1. Superb start in your blogging adventure, loving the way that you write and the style that you bring out your posts to the readers, very insightful, and filled with veracity. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog. Loving the fact that you kept your language in your blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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