My first Break up 

Life is a stage and we people are the puppets made up of feelings and emotions. In the drama of life we meet many characters some inspires us and some destroy us. We only play our respective roles. As life is full of ups and downs we cry we laugh we learn we live. The drama comes to an interesting point when we feel butterflies in our stomach. Yes I’m talking about that sensation which gives shiver to our spine. It’s when we fall in love.

I still remember the day when for the first time I saw him. How we meet we talk and how I held his hand and my heartbeat accelerated. I lost myself in the spark of his eyes. That was the beautiful day of my life. Life was in a flow. We both were very happy with each other. He was not just my star he was my whole damn sky.

And then life took a turn. Everything was going smoothly then one day we broke up. He didn’t explain me the reason he just told me about his decision. I don’t understand how to react but I was destroyed mentally and emotionally. I want to know why he did so, but my mind was surrounded by a thought that how could I beg to be loved? I can’t force anyone to be with me. I let him go. I was not depressed but disturbed. Everytime I think about him and I shed tears. For me love means only happiness but now I have a new name for love that is pain. 

When he left me a part of me destroyed that day I have lost the meaning of trust and loyalty. Only things that I get are betrayal and pain. Now I don’t have the strength to love again because people play with feelings and I don’t like such games. Love changed me once again, today I live, dream, enjoy but hate to love again. The break up not only destroy me but it changed the meaning of love for me. Now I have become a person with two faces I smile and laugh in the day but the night knows all my secrets. 


Author: The02FacedWriter

I'm a writer and I express my emotions and feelings through words.

18 thoughts on “My first Break up ”

  1. Words come frm the inner soul wen u get to knw the reality of world…this is not u who is speaking..but this is ur own heart..who now knws how to handle the most difficult trauma..that is pain.. anyways..ur writings r lyk icing on cake..keep it up baby 👍👍👍

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  2. Plzzz i want ur autograph …… seriously.. I’m simply stunned.. ur words clutched my heart !!! That fool ‘he’ lost someone who’s worth more than diamond,uh! 💙💙💙💙 please keep writing !!!!!

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  3. It’s the wonders of falling in love; how it make us ecstatic at one moment and wretched at the next. It’s never easy but it’ll make you stronger if you don’t let it break you. Keep your head up. 🙂

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