Deewana dil 

This is the post excerpt.


Lekar ye deewana dil, hum wafa dhundne chale the

Ankhon me naye khwab saja kar, hum pyar bantne chale the 

Jab naqab utra uss hasin chehre se, wakif huye hum zindagi k sach aur dard se

Banate banate iss dil k ashiyane ko, hum khud ujad k reh gaye 

Hum to chale the wafa dhundne, hatheliyan hamari khali hi reh gaye


Tere dil k dard sahe the maine, aaj uss dard ki dawa tujhse mangti hu,

Kuch adhure sawal hain mere pas aaj uske jawab main tujhse mangti hu,

Kyun banaya ashiyan dil me jab dil ko mere todna hi tha,

Kyun thama tha hath mera jab majhdhare me sath chhodna hi tha,

Chuvte hain tukde un sapno k meri ankhon me jo dikhaye the tune,

Kya udd gaye wo banjare panchhi tere dil se jo basaye the maine,

Ek hi rang kyun ghol diya mujhme jab tujhko rang badal na hi tha,

Kyun jalaya mujhe apni aag me jab tujhe shama ki tarah pighal na hi tha,

Ho sake to mere jawab de dena, karz hai mera tujh par mere kharch kiye lamhe lauta dena.

Gustakhi apni dohrane laga hai

Chehra koi ankhon me chhane laga hai,
Khwabo me phir se koi ane laga hai,
Ye begairat dil manta nahi….
Gustakhi apni dohrane laga hai.

Armano ko kisine phir se chhu liya hai,
Ujde baag me jaise koi gulab khilne laga hai,
Bewakuf sa dil samajhta nahi…Khayalo ki dori me ulajhne laga hai.

Dastak koi dil me dene laga hai,

nadan sa dil behek ne laga hai,

Phir se na bikhar jaye kahin,
Gustakhi apni dohrane laga hai.

Dear Best Friend 

Life has become so difficult from the day you left. I miss those days when you were with me. The countless chats, meaningless jokes, the laughter, the tears that we shared were precious. I have locked you in my heart and you will always be there. But sometimes I feel very lonely as there is a blank space in my heart and I’m not able to fill it and no one can fill the place because it is only for you. 

I know that life is a stage where we performs our role and someday the role will be over. But you have occupied a permanent position in my life. You are the salt of my life without you I’m tasteless. People come and go but I don’t like the way we became apart. The mistake which took you away from me was not only yours but it was also mine. You were not accepted by the society and I was also not in the condition to help you. I always think about you and my tears roll down.  I had developed an arrogant and rude personality. My heart was filled with guilt, anger and a biggest fear of making friends. I was alone.

And then one day the clouds of loneliness passed and sunshine came to my life. It is when I meet someone who kicked out the loneliness from my life. She is sweet, caring and kind hearted. And the most important thing she could read my eyes. The bond we share is very special. For me she is like a sister. Sometimes we fight, we argue and she often scold me but i don’t mind because for me her company is everything. She is my bestest friend and she has become an important part of my life. She is a guide, adviser philosopher etc. for me. As I’m a not so mature person I always put myself in problems and she always help me to come out from that. 

Today I thank to both of my friends one who left and the one who is still holding my hand. Now my heart is free from guilt. And life has taken a new turn. Now I don’t feel lonely as I have the most caring friend, and she has the capability to listen to my silence. But life is also colourless without you. Still there is a cavity in my heart and I really miss you so much. Please come back. 

“Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”

Meri galti thi 

Zamana mere pyar k khilaf tha, par ye dil shayad tera hi gulam tha

Tu hawa ka ek jhoka tha, tere sang behekna meri galti thi

Tu ankhon me aya koi sapna tha, tujhe dil me sajana meri galti thi 

Rahein meri akeli thi, tujhe humsafar samajhna meri galti thi

Inteha nahi thi mere dard ki, tujhe humdard samajhna meri galti thi

Anjan the ek dusre se hum, jo tujhe janne ki koshish ki wo meri galti thi,

Ajnabi se the ek dusre k liye jo dosti ka mene hath badhaya, wo meri galti thi,

Zamane se dushmani kar li apno se rusuwai kar li, kiya tujh par yakin hamesha, wo meri galti thi,

Pata nahi tha ki ye hasin chehra ek naqab tha, teri ankhon me kho jana meri galti thi,

Tujhe sagar samajh kar tujhme dub jana meri galti thi,

Abb kaise samjhau iss nadan dil ko main, jiski aaj bhi tu chahat hai,

Chinkh kar kehta hai har tukda iska, aaj bhi tujhse mohabbat hai.. mohabbat hai.. mohabbat hai.

Running behind life

Once there was a time when I used to be a not so good student means I was not obedient, not sincere and also not serious about my studies. I was a fellow dumb student. When the teacher asks me questions in the class I used to stare at the ceiling and wish that the answers should drop from the ceiling and catch it and through it towards the face of the teacher whose eyeballs are stuck on me and about to eat me if I utter something wrong. But that didn’t happen and what I always got is punishment. I remember a day when me and my friends had not done the homework and we got 50-100 sit ups as punishment. We got our muscles cramped.

I always think that life is not serious about me. But life is all about karma you get in return what you have done. I was playing with my life and so life was. I had no idea what was happening with me as I was not so mature that time. Life was full of fun, entertainment, adventures and it was because of my gems my friends whom I love the most. Ten years passed and then I encountered the board exams. As I was a dumb fellow I had not prepared well for it, and when the results arrived I was dishearten.  My grades were not so good. The fun, enjoyment seems fake, valueless. Life shows his devilish look. Life pulls my bed of roses and I fell in the thrones. 

Life is a race we run we fall we get wounds but the main thing that one should learn is to stand up and run again. When I reached 11th standard I got to know the value of life. When we are in school we enjoy everything but we ignore that study is also an important factor of our life. We don’t see seriously and get dishearten when we didn’t get good grades. Study is not about memorizing the whole book or get good marks but it’s also about the knowledge we get, the lessons we learned. Life is very complicated for me as I’m a confused person I can’t take the exact decisions. I always make mistakes and my friends call me immature but through mistakes I have learned many things. Gulping the whole book will not make you successful, to achieve success you have to learn from your mistakes. 

Sometimes being selfish is not a crime. Always focus on what you want from your life. See big dreams and try the best to live your dreams. There is a little bit of suffocation in my life I want to go somewhere where the suffocation will end and I’ll be taking breath in fresh air, this is my dream. You are not born to live the same life for seventy years set a goal and do something different. Search the meaning of life. Do what your heart says after all it’s your life your choice. 

“Sapne to sab dekhte hai, magar hum sapno ko jeene aye hai”.

Tere Naam

Ankhon par saja,

wo khwab tumhara hai,

lab pe ruka,

wo naam tumhara,

Aane se tere zindagi saji hai aise, bikher deta hai chand apni chandni ko kali raton me jaise,

Chahat thi mutthi bhar sitaro ki, tune ye asman mere hathon me rakh diya,

Tujhe mohabbat ho mujhse ya nahi, par maine ye dil tere naam kar diya,

Saanso ki mala me piroya,

wo ahsas tumhara hai,

gehrai me jiski dub rahi hu,

wo sagar tumhara hai,

Fariste bankar to log aate hi hai, par maine tujhe apna khuda maan liya,

Zindagi dene ki batein to sab karte hain, par maine apni ruh tere naam kar diya,

Chahat me teri khud ko luta diya.

My first Break up 

Life is a stage and we people are the puppets made up of feelings and emotions. In the drama of life we meet many characters some inspires us and some destroy us. We only play our respective roles. As life is full of ups and downs we cry we laugh we learn we live. The drama comes to an interesting point when we feel butterflies in our stomach. Yes I’m talking about that sensation which gives shiver to our spine. It’s when we fall in love.

I still remember the day when for the first time I saw him. How we meet we talk and how I held his hand and my heartbeat accelerated. I lost myself in the spark of his eyes. That was the beautiful day of my life. Life was in a flow. We both were very happy with each other. He was not just my star he was my whole damn sky.

And then life took a turn. Everything was going smoothly then one day we broke up. He didn’t explain me the reason he just told me about his decision. I don’t understand how to react but I was destroyed mentally and emotionally. I want to know why he did so, but my mind was surrounded by a thought that how could I beg to be loved? I can’t force anyone to be with me. I let him go. I was not depressed but disturbed. Everytime I think about him and I shed tears. For me love means only happiness but now I have a new name for love that is pain. 

When he left me a part of me destroyed that day I have lost the meaning of trust and loyalty. Only things that I get are betrayal and pain. Now I don’t have the strength to love again because people play with feelings and I don’t like such games. Love changed me once again, today I live, dream, enjoy but hate to love again. The break up not only destroy me but it changed the meaning of love for me. Now I have become a person with two faces I smile and laugh in the day but the night knows all my secrets.